Gilles Brunel


Furniture - Art - Decoration


Fascinated by furnishing, design and interior design since the age of 14, Gilles BRUNEL decided to perfeconner his wife of Ebéniste de M arine among the companions of the Tour de France to learn the techniques of massive marquetry

Self-taught, creative and curious, he quickly trained in drawing and computer-assisted design techniques to express and promote his first pieces of furniture.

In the 80s,this passion of the furniture will allow him to win several competitions of creators of furniture of Art, but it is his méer d'arsan Cabinetmaker who will lead Gilles BRUNEL to develop a know-how of the high-end furniture desné in the hotel industry and to luxury residences

He will be responsible for the development of dozens of luxuries across Europe for the decorator Montpelliérain Jacques de MILLEVILLE, before taking the direction of the architecture department of Alain AFLELOU in Paris.

This is an exceptional opportunity that will allow him a few years later to take the direction of several design offices in Morocco. First in the PRIMARIOS Group in charge of the development of the Royal Estate, then with Philippe FLUCHAIRE cabinetmaker and decorator of internaonal fame. Gilles BRUNEL will lead for them projects of high decoraon for Royal palaces, Palaces or private residences

His design skills will also allow him to realize the design and interior design of several luxury yachts designed by the Marseilles Naval Architect Gilles VATON on behalf of the owner Thierry ROUSSEL.

Gilles BRUNEL will then take for Oger-Internaonal-Morocco and Sococonsult the direction of construcon programs, renovaon or transformation of hotels, palaces or private villas in Casablanca, Rabat or Marrakech.

In 2010 Gilles BRUNEL creates Azwara-studiO agency, an agency dedicated to the assistance of actors of the wood industry and furniture in Morocco. In this environment conducive to creation, he continues the development of his own lines of art furniture.

It was in Taroudannt, a small town in southwestern Morocco, that he decided to establish his office and manufacturing unit. He will dedicate his first collection to this city, which he has a peculiar affection for. Taroudannt city endowed with an architectural richness and an extraordinary history, Sometimes the cradle of several glorious dynases and sometimes neglected by the following dynases. It is there, in the medina, just behind the historic ramparts that Gilles BRUNEL draws his inspiration.

In the region of Souss situated at the foot of the Atlas and the An-Atlas, he has found in the region of Souss, indelible traces of the past, engraved for ever on the walls of fortified grain granaries, on doors, chests and wooden objects, all coded for millennia according to the mix of Berber cultures, Sephardic Jews and Arabs.


83000 Taroudannt
Royaume du Maroc